Feel free to download all of the songs and share. I appreciate any comments (good and bad), send them to me.
"3 + 4" Demo 2003-2004 (work in progress)
This is a collection of compositions that I am current working on.
Maxwell's Demon (Download)
Tons of tribal samples based on a CS2x patch. I think this would be the soundtrack to Maxwell's Demon.
Zork I (Download)
Remember playing Zork I when you were a kid on the Apple ][ or Commodore64? This piece of music was inspired by the old adventure series. I still think Infocom made the best games ever.
Drive Through New York (Download)
This song was inspired by a trip to New York City. There are actual sounds of Grand Central Station here, but they have been vocoded. This song was a lot of fun to make.
Call -151 (Download)
This is the first song that I finished since I have lived in Nebreska. It was a complete labor of love. It has all kinds of bleepy madness and is another knod to the 80's. Don't you just love those 8 bit sounds? I know I do!
The Grand Ole 6502 (Download)
Fun with chopping up loops combined with some synth washes and 8 bit fun. I love the chopped up opera singer mixed with the rocking slide guitar. This one is short, but sweet.
"Kansas" Demo 2002
This is a collection of songs that I wrote while I lived in Kansas.
Westport (Download)
Inspired by living down in the Westport district of Kansas City. This song has the vibe of that area.
Ascension To Happiness (Download)
This song was my feelings after I left the band that I was in while I was in Kansas. Being in the band was a lot of fun, but the negativity of the music got to me after awhile. This song is that release.
Child's Play (Download)
Made with nothing but children's electronic toys. Bent and un-bent toys are present and it's all samples. Another fun and experimental one to enjoy.
Twelfth Of Never (Download)
I had been listening to a lot funk when I wrote this one. I envisioned the land that Earth, Wind, & Fire wanted and was inspired to write this. I love funk music not only for the music, but for the positive lyrical messsage.
Cheese Grits (Download)
It is the perfect food (except maybe for boiled peanuts) and it just seemed to fit the mood of this quirky piece.
Mad Scientist Bruce (Download)
Inspired by a good friend of mine who is always pushing me to achieve greater musical madness. This is my ode to him.
Journey To Love (Download)
This is about the journey to my wife and our life long love for one another. It's my most personal song and the hardest one to make. It's also my favorite. There's a lot of references to our relationship that only we know about.
Martian Boogie (Download)
I had been watching a lot of 60's and 70's sci-fi and was inspired to do this track.
Fire Next Door (Download)
While we lived in Westport, the house next door to us burned to the ground. This is that evening in music.
Rescue Of Io (Download)
This song is about my leaving Kansas.
"QY7-O" Demo 2000-2001
This is a collection of songs mainly written on my QY-70 when I first started to get into sequencing and synths. I still use and love the QY-70. It's still my favorite and most used piece of gear. I put these songs here for fun. All of them except "Get Heavy" and "Verse No Brain Chorus" are 100% QY-70 with no after effects. ENJOY!
P.S. The title is a play on Hawaii 5-O.
Intro To A Movie That Was Never Made (Download)
I composed this piece to go along to a short little movie that was never made by a friend of mine. It was the first piece I ever wrote on the QY-70.
Get Heavy (Download)
Super heavy guitar mixed with highly cut up samples and more sonic madness than you can shake a stick at!
Four On The Floor (Download)
One of my first QY-70 compositions. This is a driving number with different sections to crash your car to.
Chaos And Confusion (Download)
A somewhat experimental track in which I wanted to convey how I feel when I am confused or in the middle of chaos.
Verse No Brain Chorus (Download)
Orignally, I wrote this song intending for it to have lyrics. Well, I never could find a melody that I liked over it or lyrics that matched the mood of the song. So, I left like it is. It's very repetitive, but I love it that way!
Death Cheese 2000 (Download)
Every dance/techno cliche I could think of is in here. Did I mention that there's some polka even? This is meant to be a fun number and to make you smile. It's very cheesy hence, it's name. If you like cheese, look no further.
Rediscovery (Download)
This is the first composition that I wrote after putting the QY70 down for a little while. It was fun to get back into playing with it. It's a somewhat experimental piece, but is meant to be catchy on first listen. I wrote this right before I left Descension.
Stress Me No (Download)
Another weird piece to end the set and I wrote it during a very stressful time in my life. The title is meant to be playful and the music is darker than normal for me. But, it somehow has a ray of hope in there.