This is the repository for my current projects.

Time and Money

    A project that I worked on with Eric Evans. I still work on it sometimes. I learned a lot from Mr. Evans.


Reflective Testing

    A framework used in my Automated Standards Enforcement talks. It allows you to reflect over source code so that you can test standards compliance. There's also some cool code that takes advtange of iterators and shows how they can clean up modular designs with simple filters.


    This is an old and small framework to easily find elements in HTML documents. Look at the included test to see how it works. You can get the jar binary version here. It runs under Java 5.0 (Tiger) and was an exercise in playing with some of its features.



    The idea for LazyCollection is very simple. It takes a functional approach to the common collection protocol of select, collect, and reject. By functional, I mean the collection is not changed nor is a new one created. The blocks are kept around until they are absolutely needed. I have been wanting this functionality for some time because it's nice for large collections. If you have a collection in which you are calling a lot selects, rejects, or collects on, then this will not create the intermediate collections. It will wait until you ask something of the collection where it can not delay the answer. This should make these chained operations must faster on large collections. This was a lot of fun to program and it's not that big. Take whatever you want from it!

Executable Comment Unit Tests

    This is a simple framework that hooks into RUnit and RDoc.
    It allows you to write arbitrary bits of code in comments that can be executed and then
    verified vis RUnit. It uses the RDoc parser to obtain the comments
    This was a quick weekend project and I plan to add more soon.


The Game Of Life

    OK, I love Conway's Game Of Life. I thought it was sad that there were no implementations in Javascript. So, I made my own. I found some different rules to play around with as well. And I thought it would be fun to also allow you to type in your own rules. A fun little project with CSS, html, and Javascript. It works in every browser I could find (IE, Mozilla, Firefox, and Opera). ENJOY!

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