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Sunday, June 22, 2003

Lisp Conference
This year has been frustrating for me because I wanted to go to a Smalltalk conference and to participate in Camp Smalltalk. Well, the Smalltalk conference was a little expensive and the Camp Smalltalk is held in Germany (I ain't going overseas with all of the Anti-american sentiment going on). Anyway, I just found out the International Lisp conference is going to be held next doorin New York City! How exciting is that? I learned LISP this past year and it should be a lot of fun to attend this conference! This year might just be looking up to be better!


Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Continuations In Dolphin!
Well, it seems they finally added continuations to Dolphin Smalltalk...They snuck it in too....Am I complaing? NO! I thought it was coming in version 6.0, but it is 5.1 now! I'm so happy....And to think the new Hulk soundtrack by Danny Elfman came out today as well...=) Things are looking up I tell ya! I gotta go play with some continuations...


Monday, June 09, 2003

Why is the Enterprise Afraid of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Proper Distributed Architectures?
This topic might seem a little bit strange because you think the enterprise would embrace the power and flexibility of peer-to-peer computing. I mean P2P offers the ability to use all of those old computers that they have laying around deprecating in value in a warehouse to solve complicated business problems without expensive hardware. And think of all the lost CPU cycles sitting on everyone's desks now. Also, the disk capacity on each of these desktop machines is now at 10 gigs (that comes standard now). Just image if your company had only 1000 employess (1000 machines x 10 gigs) , could you think of what you could do with an extra 10,000 gigs of storage? I bet your IT folks could. I even bet your business folks would too (more memory for what-if scenario data!). So, I ask my question again, why is the enterprise so afraid of this technology? Deep inside I know the answer is as simple as "it's too new". But, while I dig ditches with distributed protocols like EJB which are highly inefficient and offer nothing more from the usual client-server paradigm (server is a server and is stationary). P2P technologies offer that any box can be a server and any box can be a client! And instead of having a huge cluster of expensive of hardware trying to solve one huge problem. We can have hundreds of cheaper boxes trying to solve smaller problems and then bringing them back together into a coherent solution. P2P not only takes failure into account it embraces it. EJB tacked on failure resolution as an after thought. So, if one P2P service fails, the others can quickly pick it up. P2P services can replicate themselves through the network very well (Think JINI) meaning that they can make sure that a service is available on some machine and where that machine or what is no one cares. I see EJB as the old way of thinking and people are very comfortable with it. I think it is the wrong way to go for the future. I think protocols like JINI and JXTA (especially JXTA since it is language neutral) are the way to go in the future. I just wish the enterprise would quickly embrace it as well! I'm tired of re-writing the same client-server code in different protocols.


Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Alto Dorado
I finished a new song for my new project called "Alto Dorado". The name of the song is "Drive Through New York" and contains samples (properly mangled of course) that I recorded on our trip to New York. I like it a lot. I plan on uploading it soon on along with 2 more songs: "Zork I" and "Maxwell's Demon". I'm getting really excited about the music that has been coming out of me lately and I think it's the best I've ever done, but I spent some time listening to my older QY7-0 songs and I liked what I did on them. I have tended to write differently since I've move to Sonar (more samples and loops) than when I used the qy70 exclusively (all midi, little bit of loops and samples). My next song, I'm thinking of trying to something orchestral and keep the zaniness down a bit (not so much out there sounds, etc). I want it to be more movie soundtrack like. I don't know we'll see...=)

For those wondering, the name Alto Dorado comes from the first two machines that ran the Smalltalk VM. I find it to be a tribute to the programming gods at xerox parc for the love they have brought into the world. Also, I plan on using Smalltalk programming a lot more in my music (to make more noises of course!).


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