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Monday, July 28, 2003

Excellent Pro-Smalltalk article
So, I was reading stuff this morning and came across this article. An excellent expose on comparing the complexities of Java and Smalltalk. It is very pro Smalltalk (like I would put a pro Java stance on this site!). ANYWAY, ENJOY!

np: Junkyard Jazz (CD from Boston street performers...Playing on trash cans and other stuff)


Things that make me smile
So, I was driving in the car this morning and thought about the things that make me smile. I was smiling from ear to ear on my way to work and I caught myself. Why was I smiling? And then, I remembered and it made me giggle. Yes, I am crazy, but that's besides the point! Here's the stuff that makes me smile:
  • My wife's sleepy glowing face in the morning (she has a slight smile and she looks so CUTE!).

  • My dog sleeping (I see a theme here....hmmm....).

  • The thought of being at my goal weight.

  • Happy vacation memories.

  • Figuring out some problem that had been plagueing me.

  • Thinking of programming in Smalltalk and Lisp.

  • Monkeys...Any monkeys...

  • Listening to an album that I love.

  • Hearing a riff for the first time and I go "MY GOD....I GOTTA LEARN THAT!"

  • Talking with good friends.

  • I thought I'd list off ten. So, what makes you smile?

    now playing: Grand Magus-"Grand Magus" (Rock done the right way!)


    Wednesday, July 23, 2003

    25 lbs Less
    I forgot to mention that I made my 10% goal at Weight Watchers! So, what does that mean? It means I lost 25 lbs! My next goal is to get below 200 lbs. YEAH!


    Tuesday, July 22, 2003

    Alright, I played arounda little bit with continuations in Dolphin Smalltalk and it was great! I worked on the Generator code that is in Hal Fulton's excellent book on Ruby. I rewrote the code in Ruby originally and had a lot of problems with it, but could not find the problem. Well, I ran the exact same code (same design and layout) in Dolphin and it worked perfectly. I think Ruby might have a problem with its local variables in its continuations, but I'll keep playing with it before I pass judgement. I did the Fibonacci number scheme which is boring, I know. But, the thing I love about continuations is the possibility of writing direct code (placing items in a stream) and using the continuations to get the next values. This is great for not only web navigation, but the handling of large amounts of data! Imagine writing code that processes the input stream as its coming and then writing directly back out to the output stream without the need of bringing both completely into memory. My next project is to do a PipedInput/PipedOutput stream implementation using continuations instead of threads. This way you could use the pipe within a thread, but still write your code in a more direct and accessible way.


    Monday, July 21, 2003

    Well, I recently celebrated my 32nd birthday! You can check the pictures out here! The really cool thing was that my wife, Michelle, bought me the green and blue Smalltalk-80 books!!!!! I've waited and wanted these books for many years and now they are in my possession. Quite literally these are the proverbial holy grail of OO in my opinion! If you like, you can check out the picture!

    I've been envious of the Dolphin Smalltalk guys for their pictures with their books, so here's mine!!!! Anyway, I'm going to eat some cake and send some emails to friends!


    Monday, July 14, 2003

    I think I might have found THE synth! I've been wanting one of these things for awhile and I finally got one! I was somewhat at first to get one because of the mixed reviews (hard to program, no support, etc), but the sounds that I had heard had me hooked. Anyway, nothing prepared me for what was in store when I fired this puppy up the first time! OH MY GOD! This thing is simply amazing. The sounds are incredible. I was jamming to several of the presets in no time when my jaw was not resting on my keyboard...=) I can't wait to start programming this little beast! I was pouring over the manual and it is very skimpy, but that's the fun of a new synth is break it to make it do what you want. I love all of the human-like synth voices this guy has already and that make it all worth it. The coolest thing is that this synth has no samples in it (if you listen to a lot of the presets, you will swear that a ROMpler is underneath, but nope it's pure FM goodness!). Now, if I could get some time off from work (12 hour days leaves little time to synth out).


    Being Positive
    It seems it is overtime again here at work. And the one thing that I find the most difficult is simply staying positive. You might ask me, "Blaine why do you want to stay positive during overtime?" It's a mental state that I like being at and I hate feeling negative and run down. Being positive lifts your spirits and lets you soar while you have people trying to weigh you down with albatrosses. It's also distressing when you look around and there's nothing but "soul crushers" around you that would love to see you fail. So, to weather these trying times, I try to keep a positive attitude. It's hard and I fail a lot, but it's lofty goal worth obtaining. When I'm feeling positive, I'm more productive and sure of myself. So, what do I do to keep my spirits up? Simple: Funk music and my wife. She knows how to put the right spin on things when I'm feeling down. And well, funk music is all very positive and has a great outlook on life despite obstacles in your way (my faves are Graham Central Station and Parliament in case you're wondering). And one more thing before I end this blog, positiveness spills over to other people. I for one would rather cheer people on than put them down. I want to bring everyone up and I think if everyone did this instead of being "grouchy" or "putting down someone else" then this earth would be a lot better to work and play in...So, think funky...=)


    Metalheads Against Racism

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