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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Beau Hunks Sextant

I ordered the rest of the Beau Hunks Sextant CDs covering Raymond Scott today. I bought one and I loved the new recordings so much (just as good as the originals, BUT the improved sound quality using today's recording techniques is phenomal). Raymond Scott's compositions are so great. He embodies everything that I want to be in a composer. His compositions are challenging and exciting, but doesn't alienate any listener. Anybody can enjoy his songs from their first listen, but it's the subsequent listens that reveal their true inner being. I want my compositions to be more like that, but with a more modern feel. I think Raymond doesn't get justice in this world. He innovated a lot of electronic music (the first sequencer and providing an early synth prototype that was an inspiration to a young Moog). I wish more jazz and progressive rock musicians would take a page from Raymond and realize that good music that challenges the soul doesn't have to be exclusive.


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