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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Damageplan- Feb. 10

I CAN NOT WAIT TILL FEB.10 ! Why you might ask?! It's because that's the release of the new Pantera, err, Damageplan CD! It's the guitarist and drummer from Pantera and the new song smokes. I've been listening to Pantera a lot and it's just going to slay. Oh and did I mention a special appearance by Zak Wylde. Two of my favorite modern guitarists on one CD, yeah, I can't wait! My musical tastes have been weird lately. I've been on a steady diet of metal, gameboy music, 60's spy music, and Raymond Scott. And the soundtrack for Shaft has found its in way into my playlist twice...=) But, get ready for some awesome metal on Feb. 10!


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