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Sunday, January 25, 2004

DirectSound Conquered

Well, I have played sound with DirectMusic (simply calling the method to play a .wav file) and have been trying to get a sound to play in DirectSound. Now, you might ask what is the difference? The difference is that DirectMusic is built on top of DirectSound (as far as I can tell) and I need to get down into the gutty works of Direct Sound. Well, with the help of Game Audio Programming by James Boer and the excellent COM support of Dolphin Smalltalk (they make life so easy for me), I made sound directly with it! YIPPEE. I parsed the WAV file directly into bytes and then played it through the buffers of DirectSound. I know, you might be thinking, BIG DEAL. Well, it proves to me my understanding of COM and DirectX. The next step is my first software synth! Sorry, I just had to do write about this before I go shoveling snow (ECKY ECKY POO).


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