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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Gameboy Advance SP Addiction

Santy Claws got me one of these for XMas and I am addicted! I've used this more than I did the Gameboy Color I had and I think the reason is because it's just so easy to see what's going on and it's SMALL. I've been getting games for it like a mad man (I even got a new music maker called Pocket Music). So far, my favorite games are Spider-Man and Iridian. It's a nice little diversion that gets me away from my usual escapades of either music or technical stuff. But, I'm getting the strong urge to want to port Squeak to it for some odd reason...=) Anyway, these things are the coolest game consoles and it's great to take everywhere. Now, if they would only make personnal organizers this size and I would be in heaven. Oh yeah, I love the sound of these little puppies too! I can't wait to make some music on it!


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