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Monday, January 12, 2004

Prolog and Smalltalk

So, awhile back I had an idea to integrate Prolog (which I didn't know then, but know a little now) and Smalltalk. I thought it might be a nice fit to put my rules in a Prolog form and have it integrated into Smalltalk. Well, first I find out that someone wrote exactly this in Squeak. Next, I find that it's well integrated into Smalltalk/X! WOW! My point with this blog is that there is a lot of cool things happening out there in the Smalltalk sphere and a lot of developers writing tons of great software. It's also nifty to know that Smalltalk is malliable to different paradigms (the Lisp dudes make a big deal of this too) and is easy to implement. I think I might be learning Prolog from one of the Smalltalk environments since it is so easy to debug. And plus, it would be nice to learn the way it all works.


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