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Sunday, January 04, 2004

Ruby Presentation

I spent the weekend getting a presentation ready for Ruby for work. We're basically presenting Ruby as an alternative to Korn shell scripting. Now, I think Squeak would make a better fit, but for various reasons Ruby is a better sale. It's only for scripting and it would be nice to get a more advanced language than Korn shell in there (the Squeak sale will come later). Anyway, I decided to give my presentation via web pages (this is a big statement for me since I hate web applications). Why would I do this? Well, I think it's pretty cool to run a web server in the language and show how simple it is to add server features. I've got it set up to run Ruby code that's typed in from a form or file. It displays the results. Everything is live and nothing is canned. I'm tired of seeing dead presentations in powerpoint and wanted something dynamic. Later, I want to do the same thing in Squeak and Dolphin (especially Dolphin, since I think I would rather do presentations directly in Squeak). I'm pretty excited about this presentation and can't wait to see people's eyes when they realize that the whole presentation has been running in Ruby and all code has been live. Oh yeah...=)


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