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Monday, February 09, 2004

Nothing cleanses the soul

Like a day of listening to nothing but Zakk Wylde. I can not wait for his new acoustic album. If it's anything close to Book Of Shadows. The man is a rare breed: a great guitarist and songwriter. Something that you don't see too often. Plus, you gotta love that southern rock vibe coupled with heavier than hell guitars. It doesn't hurt that he puts down Limp Biskit every chance he gets too....Hehehehehe...=) Just preparing myself for some great southern metal tomorrow: DAMAGEPLAN! This is going to be the year that the southern boys teach everyone what an ass kicking truly is. I know, I know, Zakk is not southern, but damn, I make him an honorable member of the club of southern metal gentleman. Hint: Zakk's the real deal and not that wuss kid rock....=) Now, if Dimebag and Zakk would make one album together....Metal would be over as we know it.


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