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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Space Music Retreat

I WANT TO GO! Check it out:

space music retreat
May 3-7 2004
Sky Lake Lodge, Rosendale NY

There will be a retreat for electronic musicians at a secluded lodge in
the Catskills of NY state.
Anyone who is interested in sharing 4 days of space, ambient, electronic
and experimental music is invited to participate. Musical activities
will include individual performances, group improvisations, and
collaborations. This is a great opportunity to develop creative ideas
and broaden your musical community, while relaxing in a peaceful,
natural setting.

Non-musicians are also welcome.
The registration fee of $320 will cover 4 nights lodging and 3 meals per

Details are available here:

We are also planning a one day space music festival in Philadelphia, on
the Sunday after the retreat (May 9). Priority for performances at the
festival will be given to those traveling longer distances to the
retreat, and collaborations formed there.


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