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Saturday, December 18, 2004

I love testing

Well, I woke up bright and early this morning and decided to upgrade my Squeak image to the latest 3.8gamma. Well, I found that a lot of my projects do not work now. Crap. Well, I find out that one problem right away is mine and then within one hour I had my project migrated. I was shocked how fast I was able to find the problems and fix them. I didn't need a magic wand or anything, just all of the tests that I now write before I write code. A lot of the tests tested such small pieces that I was able to hone in on the problem quickly and fix it. No massive walk thoughs or cussing. It just re-iterated in my mind that the most important aspect of agile methodologies is test-first. Hell, it should be the most important aspect in any methodology! I was also thankful to keep my tests small. The only project that I have that has huge unit tests (more like acceptance tests) is my Java project and I plan to fix that shortly.


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