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Friday, December 17, 2004


OK, I've been playing around with Smalltalk/X lately and I'm quite impressed with how it has progressed in the past year. It's still a little rough around the edges (I got it to crash several times while trying to restart a method in the debugger) and a few things don't work like you think they might, but overall it's a good experience. I've been using the windows port and I get the feeling that the linux port probably kicks all booty. The code I've seen thus far has been very clean. I ported some of my xml code from Squeak to it and with a few minor tweaks, was up and running in no time! The really cool thing is that they have other languages as well. There's a java, prolog, and even a javascript interpreter. Very cool indeed. I'm still in the beginning stages so my VM crashs could well be a new beginnger clicking the wrong button. I'm excited. It should be a lot of fun exploring!


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