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Saturday, December 04, 2004

This is what we've been talking about!

If you wonder why we Smalltakers, Lispers, Rubyers, Pythoners, Perlers, and other inhabitants of Dynamica are constantly raving about, then go watch this movie on Self. It brings home the point of what is possible in dynamic environments. The compile/run paradigm is just not needed and you can be so much more productive in lively environments. The movie does a great job of showcasing why simple is better and lively environments are the future. It was interesting to see the Morphic environment in use in Self. I know the version in Squeak was written by the same person, John Maloney. I also noticed a lot of the Etoys-type stuff in there as well. It's nice to see where inspirations are coming from. I would love to play with an instance-based Smalltalk system. How cool would that be? Anyway, the link has a bunch of movies that I hope to spend some time watching! OH BOY WHAT FUN! The movie reminds me that I need to go play with some Self. I download an x86 version a while back, but was to busy to play with it. Maybe now is the time to fire it up....=)


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