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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Love Is...

here. I miss Infocom. Cool site that will bring back a lot of memories to a lot of old folks out there! Go now and remember the days when Apple ][s and Commodore 64s ruled the world!


Omaha Smalltalk User's Group

I just put up the Omaha Smalltalk User's Group page up finally. Check it out here. Phew! It's been a busy night! If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. I apologize to all of my brethern in the OSTUG. I've been promising the page for a long time. Rejoice, my brothers!



Alright, I launched my new projects page tonight! Click here to see it! YIPPEE...=) Anyway, I just released my newest project and the one I worked on with Roger Whitney at Camp Smalltalk. Roger had the great idea for an http unit test framework and I helped him make it a reality. It was an awesome experience and I hope to get to work with Roger again in the future. It's taken a while to get the first release out since Roger and myself have been very busy. It might be a long time before the next release since I am currently overwhelmed. Work is very busy and I got lot of stuff to do at home currently. Anyway, check out the project page here. I'm glad to be releasing it and showing off our new toy for people to enjoy! It's a bundle in the Cincom Public Repository. If you have any problems, let me know. This was my first foray into VisualWorks since I left Sprint. It's changed a lot! I hope to use it more in the future.


Great Answers From a Thoughtful Musician on MP3s

One of my favorite artists, Assemblage 23, is about to release his new album, "Storm", this Tuesday. I was reading his website and came across his thoughts on MP3s in his FAQ page which you can read here. An excellent read with well thought out answers. The last answer that he gives almost made me spew coffee on my monitor. This dude just flat out rocks. And yes, I have his new album on special order. I can't wait! It's going to rule! If you have never checked him out, do so now. It's emotional, intelligent electronic music.


Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Accelerating Change

Oh, this looks like a fun conference: Accelerating Change 2004! I will not be able to go this year, but I'm thinking it would be cool to attend this one next year.


Sunday, September 19, 2004

I'm not a number, I'm Lifetime, baby!

I offically became the 65th Weight Watcher to become lifetime at the location that I attend meetings. I'm a lifer! It feels great. I'm still sticking with the program (I never want to be what I was formerly). It was a long hard road, one that I couldn't have done without the love and support of my wife. I would also to thank all of the leaders that I've had in the past (Dianne, you rock!).


Thursday, September 16, 2004

Something to Ponder...

Rusty commented in response to AJavaGuy:
    AJavaGuy says he isn't an idiot but thinks you need to ship a workbench for someone to deploy Smalltalk code. The thing that keeps developers away from Smalltalk is you have to be an object developer to perform well in the Smalltalk environment. Most Java developers are not object developers. And they write the code to prove it.

How true. I can't tell you how much java code that I have seen that is nothing but data structures and controllers. There's very little "object" code. It's not a jab at java either. Writing good OO code is a skill that saddly a lot of developers do not take the time to learn. I am shocked at how some folks will read every book on patterns, but have never cracked a book on basic OO modelling (no, I'm not kidding, you think this would not be the case). Anyway, it saddens me that writing good object code might be hindering Smalltalk's acceptance. I find Smalltalk enables object think much more easily. I think that a lot of java programmers would write better java code if they learned Smalltalk as their "language of the year". Learning Lisp certainly opened up my eyes and I think I write better code because of it as well. I think more developers should look beyond thei language of choice and learn others no matter what. I'm constantly learning new languages to try to find one better than Smalltalk for me. I haven't found it yet, but I found a lot of cool and interesting ideas that have changed the way I code for the better. Anyway, Rusty's comment got my mind working.


Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Eclipse vs. Cincom Smalltalk

Go here right now. It shows a comparison in sizes of Eclipse vs. Cincom Smalltalk. Funny thing is that he didn't even compare the startup times. Generally, I can open and close a Cincom image 6 times before Eclipse has come up once. Maybe I should should post the startup times for each. Now, that would be interesting...I think we would see the 9x or more slower. Anyway, 9x seems to be the going rate for Smalltalk to Java code size. Go here to see Seaside(A Smalltalk framework) vs. Java. And people wonder why I went back to Smalltalk. My fingers were tired of typing!


Thursday, September 09, 2004

Version Control At The Method Level

So, I've been in cold arctic known as Filestar Statica and getting used to the local customs again. It's not that hard to get back into it. But, I digress. One thing I never noticed when I was there before was the level of version control. In most Smalltalk systems, the lowest level we version is the method. In other systems (this is not just statica, but also to the land of sciptor), the lowest level is the file. I think having version control at a lower level makes life a lot easier! For one there's less text to deal with (typical Smalltalk methods are less than 7 lines and I would say that even that number might be closer to 3). You see exactly the methods you changed and if someone wants to get fancy and reformat all of your code, you can easily see the changes. It also means we not susceptible to someone rearranging methods in a different order. And lastly, it's great when we have to merge. Merging is no FUN, but when the merge is at a lower level, there's less mergining inside of a method. It seems to me that version control at the file level can be quite messy if you are not careful. It would be great to see method level version control in other systems. It seems strange only to be in Smalltalk. But, count it as another item that makes me more productive and love Smalltalk more.


Thursday, September 02, 2004

Great quote

Taken from CLIPS User Document:
    "If you want to get anywhere in life, don't break the rules make the rules!"

So, are you a rule maker or breaker?


Metalheads Against Racism

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