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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Smalltalk Coding Contest Submission

I thought it would be nice to make my Smalltalk coding contest submission available. Just download the zip file and extract it. Simply run the Squeak image and follow the instructions in the workspaces. Now, the code is still rough (make that extremely rough). I'm a little embarassed by some parts of it. But, I am a perfectionist and a firm believer in elegant code. There's a lot of things in Seaside that I didn't use, but should have that would have made my life a lot easier and cleaned up a good bit of the code. The domain is rough as well. There's a great deal of work that I would love to do to it both design and code wise. I've had many thoughts on the subject since yesterday. But, it was 48 hours to complete and I'm happy that I exercised all of the domain with unit and acceptance tests. I also realized that I need to fix SmallHttpUnitTest for VW7.3 and port it over to Squeak as well. But, I digress, I thought making my submission available would be fun for people to see. I thought it would be great to write an article about it and using Seaside. Right now, the code is a barely acceptable form of using Seaside. But, it would be great to write an article on refactoring it to use all of the cool fixtures that are available. We'll see. Anyway, enjoy! If anyone has any thoughts, feel free to drop me a line! Oh and one more thing, I wrote the workspaces in the image at 6am on pure adrenaline alone! And it all needs to be heavily refactored. I was trying to see how much functionality I could provide in 48 hours and minimal sleep.


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