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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

3rd Best

I got 3rd place in the coding competition and it was an embarassing 3rd place. The reason for my embarassment was because my program never ran. It was steeping in bugs! The problem with just 4 hours is that I didn't have enough time to debug everything. Oh well, I just wish the program would have ran and lost fair and square. I figured my algorithm would have lost anyway after watching Kevin's and Micheal's excellent programs run. It was an honor to compete with such great programmers. And being in the top 3 isn't a bad place to be. I entered to get to Smalltalk Solutions and well, it's been everything that I imagined. I've made a ton of new friends and I have a plethora of new ideas running around in my head. Expect a lot of blogs entries once I complete the thoughts. I'm running on spare batteries right now and I can't wait to get home. Yet, a piece of me doesn't want to leave.

  • Hey, wait a minute. When I was there in Omaha back in February or so, I thought that you guys already did test first.

    By smalltalker2, at 2:55 AM   

  • Where I work we do test first, but with only 4 hours, it's hard to do anything but get the job done. I did write my tests first in the first round though.

    By Blaine, at 9:04 PM   

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