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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Squeak 3.9

I'll admit it. I'm getting excited about the new release of Squeak 3.9. It will have Traits built it in (this alone should make any Smalltalker giggle in delight), but we will also get pragmas! VisualWorks has had support for pragmas for quite sometime and they are great for adding meta-data to your methods and classes. They make a lot of things nice (like marking methods private, adding various bits to your methods, etc) and they work a lot like Java's Annotations in 1.5.

In a normal world that would be enough, but nope the awesome folks comin up with the next version have packed into tons of new playthings. The UI has changed a bit for the better and everything seems a bit more snappy (of course, this could just be my perception).

Squeak on!


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