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Linux World 2006 Speaker

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Omaha Dynamic Language User's Group

Controlling Pain: Augmenting Unit Testing
Smalltalk has a highly reflective and lively environment that can be used to augment traditional unit testing. It allows us to do things that are only dreamed about in other environments. We can easily question and interrogate code or any aspect of the system. It is not hard to implement tests to ensure code correctness, enforce metrics, and scrutinize resource allocations. You can be creative and take the stance of using tests to stop and minimize the cost of change. There is a large variety of characteristics that can be tested, from run-time correctness to code quality. This presentation will give real world concrete examples in Smalltalk.

I will be presenting the talk that I will be presenting at Smalltalk Solutions. I hope to see everyone there for the sneak preview!

WhenMarch 7, 2006, 7pm-9pm
WhereCafe Gelato

156th & Dodge



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